Friday, 20 February 2009

Bicycle helmets: To each his own

The Norwegian Council For Safe Traffic (Trygg Trafikk) is launching a new helmet-campaign this May, to get more cyclists make use of their helmets. That probably won't happen, until someone comes up with helmets that doesn't make you look like a dork. Oh, wait, someone already did!

Bike riders sometimes fall off their bike, smack their heads into the ground and is then told that's why they should wear a helmet at all times. The occasional, non-dedicated bicyclist then take a long, hard look at the available helmets, then decides to hop on the bus or into their car, instead of riding around while looking dorky.

OK, the reality might be a little more complex, but nevertheless: Finding a helmet that the ordinary everyday cyclist actually would want to use - if they should ever consider this kind of safety measure - is not an easy task.

Here is a few helmets that tries hard to stay away from the Lance-Armstrong-look-a-like contest. First out: The Danish Yakkay concept, consisting of a helmet and various helmet covers - designed to fit and hide the helmet itself.

NEW THINKING: Most notable is the danish Yakkay range of helmet covers, that you can mount as stylish camoflague on top of their very basic brain bucket. The result: Your head protection looks like any other hat or cap (apart from the straps, which actually are really nicely done, by the way). There are more models than those shown here, view their entire line over at (and no, I have no clue about what that brand name means).

If you live in Germany, France or the Nordic countries - the Yakkay helmets can be ordered here, by the way:

SMOOTH LINES: Bern also has a very clean helmet design, the Muse, with no air intakes on the surface and a small, integrated visor - ensuring a smooth look (and also no wet hair if riding in the rain). This helmet is available both as a breathable hard hat with brock foam, as well as the tougher, industry standard EPS-version.

FROM JAPAN: Sawako Furuno is a Japanese-born designer who got tired of boring bike helmets, and decided to design her own. You can check out the line over at

STAND OUT: If you want your gray matter surrounded with flower power, head directly over to the (aptly named) Nutcase helmet line. Their street helmets comes in a wide array of colors and patterns, and will definitely make your head stand out in the traffic. Enjoy them all here:

WITH SPEAKERS: The O'Neil Sound helmet may look more like any ordinary skateboard helmet, but actually sports built-in speakers for those unable to ride without a musical soundtrack. As opposed to earplugs, this speakers allows you to hear more of the traffic, thus avoiding potentially dangerous situations. The music lovers may argue that the whole purpose of riding with earplugs is being able to actually enjoy the music undisturbed, but since I never ride with any portable sound anyway - I'm not the one to conclude here. If you like it, you'll be able to shop here (if you live in Germany, France or the Nordic countries, that is):

Know about other helmets that should be listed here?
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