Tuesday, 10 February 2009

GoCycle: A new electric bike era?

GoCycle - a british new design by former McLaren designer Richard Thorpe - sets out to change the way we look at electric bicycles. The magnesium framed, electric powered foldable bike with rear suspension is ready for the market April 2009.

NEW THINKING: To date, most electric bicycles seem more like ordinary bikes with the electric drive system put in as an afterthough. There are a very few honourable exceptions, but none like the GoCycle.

INTEGRATED PACKAGE: This bike is designed from the ground up around the electric power system, and stand out with a lot of integrated features - almost like a "fuselage" system, where all the parts are custom made to match each other. The rear hub, for instance, is a standard Shimano 3-speed, that have been modified to work with the single chainstay frame. The same goes for the disc brakes, who are integrated into fork and frame. The front disc rotor is actually attached to the fork, not the wheel!

3.5 HOUR FULL CHARGE: Being able to recharge fast is important, and the GoCycle need only 3,5 hours to refill to full power. The battery is hidden within the main frame tube, easily removed through the back of the bike.


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